Defy the Odds at Zero Gravity!




 Zero Gravity is a cheer, stunt and tumbling gym in the Florida Panhandle.  Teamwork, coaching, positive attitudes, encouragement and precise technique forms a strong foundation for your athlete.  Our coaches ensure athletes acquire skills safely and properly.  Athletes are encouraged to progress strategically. Skills are mastered before new skills are introduced so our athletes are out of this world!


Zero Gravity Athletics Offers:

  • Preschool Tumbling Classes
  • Levels 1-6 Cheer Tumbling Classes
  • Levels 1-6 All Star Cheer
  • Stunt/Flexibility Classes

Private Lessons with Certified Coaches • Specialty Clinics  • Elite Choreography

Private Events and Classes for Schools & Other Groups


Located in Valparaiso, FL


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